image stablization for 3d bloggie?

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Re: image stablization for 3d bloggie and easy view LCD screen

A couple of things you can try, that help keep the Bloggie steady.

The first is a loupe such as this one.

It helps in two areas, firstly, you can easily view the Bloggie's screen in bright daylight, albeit that the image will be being viewed with one eye, and therefore be 2D, but because you hold the camera loupe pressed to your forehead, the camera is held a lot steadier as your head is much steadier than your arms.

In the picture on Ebay it shows the magnetic frame attachment for a Nex camera, but I didn't use this. I removed the circular 1/4" tripod bolt so that I can just hold the loupe against the Bloggie ( with my thumb ) using the remaining protruding part of the loupe.

Another method that works for me and costs next to nothing is to use a plastic coated curtain wire that is cut to size with eye at one end and hook at the other.

This attaches to my trouser belt with the hook attaching to a metal key ring on my belt buckle.

The other ( eye ) end of the wire attaches to the circular 1/4" tripod bolt that I unscrewed from the loupe, which can then be screwed into the Bloggie's tripod socket on the side.

As I could only buy a white curtain wire, I coloured it black using a permanent marker pen so that it doesn't stand out so much. Using the wire attached to my trouser belt really does stabilize the Bloggie as it acts as a sort of monopod or tensioner.
It is also possible to buy a retracting wire to do the same kind of job

attaching to a trouser belt or being held to the floor at one end and connected to the Bloggie using the camcorder's ( handy in this instance ) side-mounted tripod socket.

I found the curtain fixed length wire arrangement actually worked best though.

Both of the two devices are cheap, work to help steady the little Bloggie and unlike monopods or mini steadicams can be carried in your jacket pocket so that you don't lose the advantage of the Bloggie's small size portability.

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