Nex3 + Dicapac + Red Sea

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Re: Nex3 + Dicapac + Red Sea

nice pics! i LOVE snorkeling and i've always wanted to take some awesome pics with my nex5.. but way way too nervous about the camera dying, not because of leaking but because of:

-moisture from humidity + ocean salt = corrosion (it may not affect it right away, but it is a cumulative process over the years)

-sun shining UV onto sealed bag = created heat in the bag and may cause battery to overheat and do lots of bad things.

i've had a dicapac before and it killed my $200 compact camera.. which will very very make me not risk my nex5 with it... i opened up the compact camera that died and i saw alot of greenish corrosion on the PCBs (on the coppers), also i recall the camera being very hot as it was floating on my bad while i was snorkeling, so the sun was shining onto it for a very long time.

however, i really envy you that you were able to take it down there and take these beautiful pictures. curious, how did the sweep panorama photo work underwater..? i know that underwater, your focal length becomes more narrow, so your 16mm pics almost look like 35mm. i think either the panorama mode or the UWA adapter might show underwater very well.

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