ISO 50 - Anyone using it? Anydrawbacks?

Started Nov 28, 2011 | Discussions thread
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Re: ISO 50 - Anyone using it? Anydrawbacks?

AlephNull wrote:

The base ISO for the camera is ISO 100. That's the ISO you should use if you want to get the best quality image.

ISO 50 is really an ISO 100 exposure, pulled one stop. You lose dynamic range by using it.

No not really pulled 1 stop. Just ISO 100 over exposed 1 stop. So you lose detail in highlights if you run out of exposure latitude choosing ISO 50. You can do the same by over exposing ISO 100. I never choose ISO 50.

It's there to give you one stop of ND - basically a hack.

I disabled ISO 50, but enabled the high range

My 5D doesn't allow this, maybe the 5D2 allows enabling ISO L and H, H1, H2 separately instead of all or none.

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