Looking for Camera Belt Clip Accessory

Started Nov 29, 2011 | Discussions thread
Russell Evans Forum Pro • Posts: 12,617
Re: Looking for Camera Belt Clip Accessory

sun2me wrote:

The only complain I have is using it with a heavy lens on my belt. It still works, but after a while I get pretty sore from the banging of the lens against my hip.

I have the Cotton Carrier side holster. I use it with a Acra QR clamp attached to the Cotton Carrier Camera Hub as I have L-brackets on my cameras. I just use the QR clamp instead of twisting the hub out of the holster. Not as fast, but If I need faster I can always do the twisting motion. Someday I'll buy a clip QR clamp to replace the screw QR plate I'm currently using.


I'm mostly using the holster as a third hand, but I haven't had any issue with the lens banging into my leg when I do walk with the setup.

Thank you

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