My brain is dead... (I did the photobox 24hour challange).

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Re: My brain is dead... (I did the photobox 24hour challange).

I set the camera onto a tripod, with a flash (with shoot through brolly) set behind and above the camera.

I then just set the timer on the camera and took two shots of me at either side of the seat.

After that it was just a simple case of using layers and masking off the parts I don't need so that it looked nice. Also since I used a fisheye lens I did a bit of cropping and distortion correction

I made a collage of all the 24 shots.

I love some.. hate others :), its hard to think what to do for 24hours in a row and you don't always have an hour since there is everyday stuff to deal with too

But the next time they do this comp, you should all enter.. its open worldwide

Snydly wrote:

Very impressive. If you don't mind, what process did you use to create the 'twins' on the seat?


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