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Re: Jay and Owen

Jay A wrote:

Yes that's it and it really shouldn't (in my opinion) just be a tool to help understand parallax. It is a viable way to actually see exactly on what point the camera is focusing rather than having to estimate this point.

Due to parallax, the frame and the actual point of focus do change as you change your distance to the subject you are focusing on. On some cameras such as a Leica rangefinder, the frame lines actually move to compensate as you focus. In the Fuji, they do not change so without this feature you would have to kind've make an educated guess as to on what point on your subject the camera was actually focusing. With the feature turned on, as you press half way, a rectangle lights telling you exactly where that is. Before I knew the camera had this feature, I rarely used the OVF because the EVF shows everything through the lens, so the focus point is always accurate. But I so much prefer the OVF and when I did find out about the feature, I never again used the EVF. I think it's a marvelous feature and just wish that the X10 had it as well. It's one of the main reasons that I want that X100 one day again.

BTW, with a lot of people complaining about focusing in this camera, I betcha that if more people were aware of this feature and used it there would be a lot less complaints about poor focusing.

Surely no one buys a camera for a quite substantial pile of money, have problems with the operation of it and complains on the Internet about it without first reading the manual? Because it is in the manual and in the notes of the firmware update for those with early units.

Anyway, I still have pretty much no shots with missed focus after shooting a lot of moving subjects as well as stationary ones. I get about 200 shots from a single battery if I shoot carefully and about 50 shots a day and temperature stays above freezing. Start up is the 2,2 seconds that fuji stated which was known I suppose. Never understood the problem with things locking themselves while writing to card. I can easily live without changing settings for two seconds as long as I can trip the shutter at will.


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