wacom bamboo pen/tablets - use with photoshop

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Re: wacom bamboo pen/tablets - use with photoshop

I too use an Intuos 4. I like the medium sized one, it seems big enough to map well to my two screens. When I go to three monitors, I may need to make some adjustments. I have a Bamboo too but have no room for it at my workstation at the moment.

I am left-handed, so when drawing, I have the Intuos inverted (the device driver supports this) so that the lit-up buttons are on the right. To the right of the tablet is my trackball and to the right of that is my computer keyboard.

When using the pen with my left hand, the other two interface devices are close enough so that I can use my right hand for keyboard commands whether they're on the tablet, the trackball, or the keyboard.

The Intuos also has a wireless mouse which I use mostly for the scroll wheel (reading user guides, help documents, and tutorials). The only drawback is that the mouse must be on the pad for it to work, which requires that I put the pen in its well and put the mouse on the pad; an extra set of movements.

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