Should I buy the X100 or wait for next product launch? Your opinions please.

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Simplicity is..

Menu dive once and once only per firmware upgrade.

Set to RAW.
Set everything silent.
Set Fn button to ND
Switch on Auto-ISO
Switch off Auto-DR.
Switch off auto-review.
Set display mode to viewfinder only.
Set shutter speed to Auto.
Set focus to AF-S.
Set AF point to centre.
Set to show corrected frame lines.

(^^ All this takes less than 5 minutes.)

Now shoot. Choose aperture and EC as necessary from dials.

Very occasionally if you absolutely must use a wide aperture in bright light then activate the ND filter.
Half-press to focus, occasionally use the AF/AE lock to lock focus.

When finished shooting at the end of the day download into LR, then format the card when you put it back into the camera. (Takes 10 seconds.)

Literally that's it. The only menu setting you need to access for months on end is the one to reformat the card.

You can just leave the camera set up like that forever.

That's how I use mine. Don't see how it can get any simpler.

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