Traveling to Paris, need a wider angle lens?

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Re: Beware!! FF compatability

IS is handy in the Louvre and the cathedrals and other museums. The P&S would be a useful addition at night or when you want to travel light.

When I was in Rome a couple of years ago, I just used my wife's Powershot at night, so I could drop it in my pocket. During the day, I had my SLR.

I would definitely want something wider than your 28-135. The only place where I used a long focal length was to get some gargoyles on Nortre Dame, but used wide almost all of the time.

I don't care for changing lenses when visiting places, but be sure to bring a backup lens. If you take a wide zoom, be sure to have another lens in case of a problem with the lens. It has happened to me and to a friend.

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