IA with Sony 55-210 Lens

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Re: IA with Sony 55-210 Lens

Datlas wrote:

Can anyone suggest how to set the camera other than in IA-

I recommend A or S modes - they are semi-automatic and very simple to negotiate.

In A(perture priority) you turn the dial to set aperture size and the camera adjusts the shutter speed to expose correctly. In S(hutter priority) you turn the dial to set shutter speed and the camera adjusts the aperture to expose correctly. In both you can set E/V to tell the camera what correct exposure is. On the 5N, 0 is usually correct, occasionally a little more or less is needed - just look at the screen to see how bright you need the scene without blowing (bleaching out) highlights or losing shadow detail to blackness.

I use A mode 90% of the time. An easy start in decent light is to set the focal length to f8, EV to 0, and just fire away like a P&S!

If you want less in focus (shallower depth of field, nice blur in the background) and/or need a faster shutter speed (less than 1/25 sec can be difficult to hold steady) just dial down aperture number a bit (makes aperture bigger).

The other variable is ISO (sensor sensitivity) - you can set it to Auto, and the camera will transparently adjust it for you along with shutter speed for correct exposure, or manually set it when you get afeel for how it plays with aperture & shutter speed.

Have fun!



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