Should I buy the X100 or wait for next product launch? Your opinions please.

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Re: Should I buy the X100 or wait for next product launch? Your opinions please.

I intended to wait and see: Ordered an X100 anyway (on its way right now!).

The interchangable lens system with a supposedly revolutionary new sensor technology sounds appealing, but it got me thinking... I've become used to shooting with fixed lenses the past year or so, with my Nikon D90 and a 35mm f/1,8 and surprisingly rarely miss shooting with zoom lenses. Actually, the only reason I still own an 18-200mm lens is for the 200mm end for concert shooting. That's it! Only one particular scenario.

I've found that the long focal lengths detaches the viewer from the photograph since it flattens the perspective -- the direct opposite to what a wide-ish lens like the X100 will do, or an ultra wide lens will even more. And I really don't like that effect. For sports or wildlife photography, I can understand their uses, but this is niches of photography I'm simply not doing.

I'm interested in shooting street, nature/landscape and indoors, as well as having a travel camera, and I think this lens size will work well for this kind of photography. Also, besides its fixed lens, it has a macro mode as well as panorama for some usable variants. Finally, the X100 has a 3x zoom mode for video recording. (it's cropping the frame, but this isn't really losing details like a digital zoom normally would, since it shoots stills at a far higher resolution than HD)

Also, I think the "Fuji LX" will be quite expensive. I think Fujifilm is likely to make use of their special position with little competition, especially motivated by their new sensor, and end up with ~$1200-$1400 for the body alone. And then you need to spend money on more than one interchangable lens for an interchangable camera to have a point, in my opinion. The reason I'm getting an X100 is for the price/performance ratio, not because I want to move into Leica territory, price-wise. If I wished to have a small zoom for backup rare occasions, I'd consider an X10.

Edit: As for reported issues, stuck aperture blades in particular, I'm finally starting to hear reports of noticeably different sounding blades here on itself, and do think they're getting exchanged with some new revisions. I don't expect to end up in a situation where I don't notice the problem until my warranty period ends, since I expect to use my camera almost daily.

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