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Re: Reconsider a rework of your extraction around her hair.

Port Royal Dad wrote:

An extraordinarily beautiful model, and I think you did a fantastic job capturing her playful mood. And I love the focus.

Again, I love the shots, but do you have a better work-flow by which you extracted her from the original background? It's obvious you did some photo-shop particularly along the edges of her hair, (I presume the original gray background, but you wanted white?) but the fine details of her hair are affected.

You should post the originals in The Digital Darkroom Forum. Those folks are simply amazing. I am typically stunned at the talent that hangs out there; lots of great advise on extractions with fine details on the hair.

Here's my workflow utilizing Masks, Channels, Dodge and Burn...Got it from the Tips at the Russell Brown Show. An awesome site for Photoshop Tutorials.

Hey Port Royal Dad

Many thanks for the links

Unfortunately they are not bad photoshop extractions but rather photographer error!

The loss of detail in the hair was because I had the her a bit to close to the background initially and this was causing the bleed through in the edges of the hair!

It was the first time I have shot a white background in a while and forgot how far away from the background you need to place the model she was approx 1.5 meters away and I metered the background lights to +1 stop above the key light. I thought that it would be ok and unfortunately I missed that it was clipping some of the detail in the hair when reviewing the images on my camera as I was primarily checking for focus and lighting on the face ooops!

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