Pocket wizard TT1 AND TT5 with Fuji S5pro

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Re: Pocket wizard TT1 AND TT5 with Fuji S5pro

Hi, I bought Pocketwizards recently, TT1 & TT5, got 2x Fuji S5 pro's.

Everything worked fine, then I upgraded firmware from v2 to v3, and it stopped working. This is the reply I got from pocketwizard:

Thank you for your inquiry. The Fuji S5 is not on our supported camera's
list; any performance you may have seen in past firmware releases was purely
coincidental. While it is physically the same body as the D200, the
communications for the S5 are different and do not match the D200's shoe

Hope that helps!

If you have any further questions, feel free to let me know - just reply to
this email and keep the case number in the subject line.

Chris Valites
PocketWizard Technical Support Specialist

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