Dealing with Sigma warranty for 17-50mm f2.8 OS.. fun story..

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Dealing with Sigma warranty for 17-50mm f2.8 OS.. fun story..

Let me put this in a nutshell

-I live in Canada

-A few months ago, ordered the Sigma 17-50mm f/2.8 EX DC OS HSM

-After a month of rarely using (if almost ever) lens begins to squeak when zooming in or out.

-Called the vendor where I got it from, they said they never heard of such a problem and gave me the phone number to Sigma and said they are very good.

-Called Sigma. A customer rep who knows 'little' of cameras answered the phone and never heard of the problem and then said it might be normal. I told her that it really is a small 'squeak' that as audible across the room when zooming in and out and ruins my videos. She told me to call the only Canadian licensed warranty repair place.

-I asked her if there was anything else I should know..

-She says 'well.. we have had complaints that they are charging customers money for warranty repair and they aren't supposed to be doing that'. We have gotten complaints.

-I said 'yup of course..' .. (you have to live in Canada and be a Canadian to understand this way of doing business.. typical Canadian business practices of the 3rd world).

-She tells me that if they ask for money, then to call them back and that she'd have to contact Sigma head office in Japan and notify them of the problem that they were refusing warranty service unless they got money. She then says that get this.. I may have to mail them the lens lol..and we all know who's paying for postage I'm sure.

-So I call the repair place. I ask about the warranty and tell him about the problem. He was knowledgeable. But of course, he's never heard of this problem. So I talk to him about dropping it off and such (it's local). He then tells me that there's a $50 charge (sure enough).

-I said 'so you will refuse warranty service if I don't pay'. He said.. get this.. 'Sigma doesn't pay us enough to cover the warranty repair.. it's not enough' Wow! This guy must own the company. Gee whiz.. I'm speaking to the owner.

-I asked him about the complaints of some people saying that a left or right half of the lens is soft. He said that was likely a mis-alignment of the sensor. He asked what kind of camera I had and I said Canon. He said 'oh yes especially Canon'. He said that it's rarely ever the lens, however, he could match the lens with the sensor. So that's just a tidbit that's nice to know.

So now I'm going to call back Sigma USA and see what they have to say about the warranty of the lens.

I know the haters are going to use this post as 'food' to hate on me. They emotionally enjoy seeing the misfortunes of others and love it when people post anything of misfortune. It makes them happy and gitty inside.

The Sigma has a world wide warranty which covers you regardless of any country you are in. It seems to be a problem here so it will be interesting how this pans out. Maybe someone who is really interested in warranty and service from Sigma can see how this pans out or I can help someone in Canada.

I just want my 'warranty' service. Just undo the 4 screws, take the top elements off, lube the rails, and put it back together and give it back to me so I can sell it on Craigslist. That's all. Just fix it under warranty.

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