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I am not so sure that either the Pentax or Ricoh name will disappear. Nor will there be some abomination of a product with a lash up combo-name.

There may be a rationalisation of products with Ricoh giving over the compact mass market ranges to the Pentax brand to leave Ricoh to manage their jewel-like GRD and GXR lines to greater glories.

This would leave the Pentax dslr line to remain "Pentax" and for their rumoured smaller ILC camera to be sold in modular form with GXR rails and a separate lens mount with Pentax branded lenses in Ricoh black livery. This camera might be our GXR with internal evf back and sold as "Ricoh" - naturally it would fit existing GXR modules including the M mount module. This would seem a common sense approach to integrating the company lines where they touch but keep them separate where they do not overlap to any degree. To bring out a directly competing EVIL type camera to the GXR would seem commercially foolish and a step towards killing off the GXR concept completely. But to introduce a new modular "GXR" body that took designed for purpose Pentax lenses seems pretty smart thinking to me.

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