Diffraction Effects (Example Photos)

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Re: What camera did you shoot these pictures with?

FTH wrote:

Kaj E wrote:

FTH wrote:

This example shows that a 16MP aps sensor provides sharper images at the same F stop than a 6MP aps sensor, so the diffraction theory as a constant applied on cameras is flawed here.

No it does not. See my earlier reply.

taken off all variables from an equation is an heresy. Denying tests is another one.

Camera makers perfectly know what they are doing, proof is, no one here stopped upgrading his gear since 1999. If diffraction was such an issue, people should stop buying new high mp cameras.

I am pretty sure many people will buy the D800 and take wonderfully sharp pictures. I am done with this nonsense & wish everyone to enjoy his gear !

If you took the time to read (and understand) what I wrote

you would have realized that the effect of diffraction is stronger per pixel on a camera with more pixels than a camera of the same format with less pixels. However when you look at the images at the same magnification (sensor to image) the camera with more pixels is sharper. Just like with finer grain film vs. coarser grain.

No variables taken off or tests denied here. Just stating facts. It was not my intention to upset you. Sorry if I did.
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It's about time we started to take photography seriously and treat it as a hobby.- Elliott Erwitt

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