Diffraction Effects (Example Photos)

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Re: What camera did you shoot these pictures with?

jhinkey wrote:

What about the differences in the AA filter strengths between a lower MP APS-C and a higher MP APS-C body? I would suspect that the D50's 6MP sensor would have a significantly stronger AA filter than the D7000 16MP sensor. This could affect the conclusions a bit.

this is another variable to take into account. All I can say, is that the AA filter from the D40x body is very weak. I made a test a while ago comparing the 10MP D40X sensor vs the 18MP T2i sensor, and images coming from the canon were softer all over with the same lens used, this, at each F stop. (Stronger AA filter to remove video moire certainly)

They are so many variables that the diffraction theory cannot be applied as a constant.

This example shows that a 16MP aps sensor provides sharper images at the same F stop than a 6MP aps sensor, so the diffraction theory as a constant applied on cameras is flawed here.

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