MLU and Exposure Delay w/VRI 70-200 on D2X Question

Started Nov 24, 2011 | Discussions thread
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Re: Its a difficult shot!

olindacat wrote:

Have you ever bladed a wedge 200 yards? I do, regularly, only not on purpose. On a not-so-heavily irrigated day, the slope would give you 4-5 clubs of roll. It's a funny shot. Looks closer on this pic. Might be farther. I'll let you know.

I suppose if the ball is placed too-far right on set-up, or if hands are too far forward during the strike, that would de-loft the wedge, which being heavy could go quite a long way. I have thought about how far I could hit a putter! But mine is too nice to risk!!!

That is a difficult hole, better golfers tend to shoot to the left where the bunker awaits, the hill makes club selection difficult. be interesting to know what the local caddy or Pro would recommend.



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