A sick dragonfly

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Re: A sick dragonfly

YiannisPP wrote:

Anyway, it's all gone now, built up, that place should've been a protected natural reserve. It would've been great if it still existed and I could go there with my SX230:)

That same problem exists in most of the developed world unfortunately, so much has been lost over the last 1-2 generations due to overbuilding, modern farming, pollution etc.

In my area one of the few dragonfly spots is a piece of 'new nature', some farm land with a pond that has been left mostly on its own for 10-15 years. You can see the variation and numbers of dragonflies increase every year now. The only other good spot in the province is threatened, because a developer wants to build a huge apartment building right on top of it.

But there is always hope. In my country we are seeing dragonflies come back due to better water quality in the last 10-15 years; also due to global warming (which is not so good sign ...). Things can improve, if we really want it.

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