GXR roadmap - 16MP 24-85mm APS Zoom

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Re: Announced today?

Jaur wrote:

According to photorumors the unit will be released today (monday) and be 24-85mm f/2.8.

Their main source seem to be this blog; http://ricoh-gr-diary.blogspot.com/2011/11/first-ricoh-hk-meetup.html

Since this is my blog, I will answer this one.

The announcement for today was indeed only the road map, there was a misunderstanding as to the exact announcement for today.

The details for the zoom module are that it will use the new 16 MP Sony sensor (which is the reason for the delay), it will be 24-85 and not constant zoom (most likely f2.5/3.5-f5.6), the size will be relatively big and it will not retract like the Olympus m4/3 kit zooms for example.

The full press release is set for the 5th January and the release is set for the 20st January for now unless the sensors become available earlier and Ricoh can release in time for the holidays.

No idea where they have the f2.8 aperture from but not from my blog.

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