MLU and Exposure Delay w/VRI 70-200 on D2X Question

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Re: Its a difficult shot!

James Bligh wrote:

Cytokine wrote:

But I would use a gentle 9 iron and let the ball roll down to the pin! Keeping to the right.

Enjoyed the photo, lovely course, and what a view!


Even if it is a downhill 250 yards with 9 iron? What a monster you are! Does cytokine affect your game in any way? Golf is not a fair game anymore.

I looked at the first picture and did not read the text, 250 yards!! Hmm!! I can do that with a 3 iron, which I prefer to using a wood, down hill, off-shore wind? with some up hill green behind the pin, I would go for it. And, no Cytokine tabs!! Just Mizuno MX23 and a Pro V1.


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