Nex 5N - Compressed vs Uncompressed Video Example

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Re: Nex 5N - Compressed vs Uncompressed Video Example

jazzroy1972 wrote:

I'm really interested in it, I was planning of having a similar workflow.
I guess you are using the Hyperdeck Shuttle, right?

How do you perform your recording?

The Nex-5n if connected with the HDMI cable switches off its LCD, so, how do you control the view?

Does the Shuttle have a "through" option allowing you to put an extra HDMI-in monitor?

Well, firstly petition sony in japan to make a change to their next firmware that gives us NEX5N users the ability to turn OFF all the extra display rubbish on the HDMI out. It's just a firmware thing. And the closest you can get is to extract a 2.35 chunk from the top of the 1080 by half pressing the shutter to get rid of the menu graphics and leave just the recording/time labels at the bottom. So not practical at all right now!

Then, yes the hyperdeck shuttle has HDMI in and HDMI out, so you'd need to be monitoring through the shuttle. The shuttle is just very simple. You press the record button. Then stop it. I don't believe it can be triggered from the camera. The shuttle will play back what it's recorded but there is no UI. It's like a half finished product really, there's a DISP button which does nothing and the BM docs say it's for a future firmware update.

It's very basic, but that means it's simple. 64GB SSD will run for about 6 mins i think, so multiples of 64 would scale accordingly.

Prices of SSDs are becoming more acceptable, so that's not really an issue.


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