Nex 5N - Compressed vs Uncompressed Video Example

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Re: Nex 5N - Compressed vs Uncompressed Video Example

physguy88 wrote:


You took the uncompressed video by running an HDMI out during video recording at 60p? Are you sure the HDMI out is not already compressed? Do you have full size frame grabs?

I was running 25p, there's no easy way to record 60p off HDMI right now.

Yes, the HDMI is pre compression, the frames quite clearly show this.

I will do some more tests to check dynamic range but i expect that to be 8 bit. In most cases the AVC is actually pretty good. But uncompressed does give better detail and a lot less break up during movement.

One of the reasons i wanted to try this was to see how bad the AVC is compressing in the shadows, that's the area of an image that most compression solutions take huge liberties with. But so far the AVC does a good job.

I'm also trying to quantify what the DRO and various settings do to the video image, to see what is the best way to capture. I will be comparing the latitude to an EX1 that i have laying around too. At some point i should be able to compare to an F3/FS100.

The gallery image is set to public, and the original should be downloadable. I've just checked. So is it possible to download and look at that?

I will look at the flickr pro account although i'm not a big user of flickr, so it may not make sense for me


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