Panasonic GF3 or Olympus EMP1 for the street

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Re: Panasonic GF3 or Olympus EMP1 for the street

gswpete wrote:

The GH2 is really an awesome street camera. Flip out the screen, enable touch shutter and shoot away while others think you're simply reviewing your pictures. Very discreet.

Exactly. People think you're fiddling or chimping. I use it this way on the subway, or in stores, too, and mostly with manual focus lenses. The GH2 screen also allows you to take shots on your right side at a 90 degree angle. I use this method quite a bit.

jeffharris wrote:

lou Capeloto wrote:

I shoot a lot of street photography and looking for something good in low light, subtle as a camera, and good resolution

Which would you choose the Olympus Emp1 or the Panasonic GF3


The EPL3's TiltyScreen makes it far more useable than either the EPM1 or GF3 for street shooting. I find shooting from waist level far more comfortable, stable and discrete than waving a camera in front of my face. I have a GH2 and use it this way regularly.

As far as "street" lenses go, I most often use a 35mm and 50mm. I prefer longer focal lengths to wider because I can stand back a bit and be less noticeable. Yeah, they're not "classic" street lenses, But they work for me.

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