Corel PaintShop Pro X4 Ultimate for $0.00

Started Nov 27, 2011 | Discussions thread
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The Corel site has a lot of deals at the moment. Their "Black Friday" sale was ended but it looks like there's a "One Day Sale" now so I have another day to figure this out. I am currently playing with the trial of PSP. Not bad results in about 4 hours of use.

Lightroom was much faster to fix batches of underexposed photos, but maybe it was just a bit more intuitive. I'm confident that I will figure out PSP, especially given the price difference even when compared to Photoshop Elements or Lightroom.

With the money I might spend on PE and LR together, I could buy very nearly the whole Corel catalog, or at least I could take advantage of my upgrade opportunities and get the Corel Draw Premium Suite and Painter 12 (I'm eligible for upgrades of both), as well as Paintshop Pro and the Video software they have (as a bundle).

Tonight, PSP allowed me to remove from a photo a distracting digital clock that had an unnerving white glare on its face. I know that either Lightroom or Photoshop can do this too but it was an especially important tool to me because I often turn the camera over to a friend, and those people don't look at background items or anything, so subjects end up with signs growing out of their heads and cars coming out their... er, other end. At least I haven't seen any flying monkeys yet!

Once I figured out how to use the removal brush, it went very easily and the clock was gone. I'm finally using my Intuos tablet, yay!

I did have one crash (the program has encountered an error and needs to close) and one lockup (PSP just seemed to be hung, but it didn't affect Windows 7). So it's not perfect software.

I'm already in the habit of saving often so in both cases I lost very little work and this may be fine for me. Luckily for me I haven't spent any money on Adobe software and so I won't have to re-learn anything.

I'll have an hour or three tomorrow to play some more, but unless I find a glaring problem, I'll probably go with Corel and save my money for better lenses rather than floating Adobe's boat.

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