A bit of moon

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Re: A bit of moon

Nice, I took this at Big Sur last night and was wondering what the light on the left was.

Thanks for sharing.

This picture was taken on a D5100 with a Tamron 18-270mm lens.

I could have done better. I took the picture at the end of the zoom range at a high ISO of, I believe, 3200. I also had my 18-200mm Nikkor lens, but I wouldn't have gotten so 'close'.
Comments welcomed!

KeithAK wrote:

Snapped this shot out front of the house after walking the dog. Had to run inside to grab the camera and tripod. Really have no clue which settings to choose so I ended up taking about 10 shots over about 5 minutes (didn't want to lose the late sunset light). Considering how small the moon was to the naked eye it's really amazing to see that the "dark" sides of the moon actually are visible.

This was with my D7000 with the kit lens. This is the unmodified raw shot.

Nothing special but it was fun to catch the moon and sunset right at that state and to actually get what seems to be a decent shot. Not quite sure what the light is to the upper left of the moon.... research time!

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