MLU and Exposure Delay w/VRI 70-200 on D2X Question

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Thank you, Bob. You've been awesome. I hope I can return the favor one day. John

bob elkind wrote:

olindacat wrote:

Thanks for your time Bob. The VR was ON. I never knew about this and will give it a try. I tried to upload the RAW NEF but only jpegs allowed, or am I doing something wrong? Attached is the basic jpeg straight from the camera. I do see EXIF data in PS. Will that suffice?

To address your feedback questions:

1. Did you shoot RAW or JPEG?

I shot RAW uncompressed with basic jpeg. This one of 5 bracketed shots, (.3)

2. Have you checked your settings?

Yes. I don't use in-camera sharpening as I always read it was a no no so I sharpen in PS.

Unless you are PPing in Capture NX, in-camera settings affect only the JPEG files out of the camera. RAW (NEF) files are not affected in PP by in-camera settings. Every NEF file has an embedded JPEG image. This embedded JPEG is affected by in-camera picture settings, but the primary (RAW) image data in the file is not.

3. Provide a RAW file to see if your results can be duplicated.

Not sure how.

There are several online services for this. Try the 'lite' plan available at ( ), there is no charge for this basic service.

4. Focus mode, focus target.

I was in spot mode (is that the right term?) aiming at bunker left of flag but equidistant (couldn't get autofocus to pick-up flag)

Perhaps you should re-read the focus mode section of the user manual, or pick up a copy of Thom Hogan's e-book for the D2x (see ).

5. How is sharpness when shooting in controlled test setup (tripod, indoors, focus target, etc.)?

I honestly never tried this. Guess I should.

This helps separate hardware/gear issues from operator and situational issues. It helps answer the question: Is your gear capable of capturing sharp images, or does it need service/repair.

6. Are results different when shooting with another lens?

Usually, I get very good results with all lenses.

So... when and where do you have sharpness (softness) issues?

7. Are results different when shooting with a borrowed camera?

No. But I haven't used this copy of this lens with a borrowed camera (yet). Good idea.

This helps isolate "the problem" to the lens. Or vindicate/affirm the lens.

8. Are results different when someone else performs PP?

Dunno. Haven't ever had anyone do my PP. I also haven't done any PP to this except just lightening so I could see shadow detail

This helps isolate "the problem" to your PP. Or vindicate your PP.

9. Are results different when someone else shoots with your rig?

Haven't tried with this lens, usually not.

This helps isolate "the problem" to the photographer's shooting skills and technique. Or vindicate them.

10. Does 'softness' follow the lens, the camera body, or the photographer?

I have a soft belly ;-).

Sounds like you are ready for a body upgrade

The photographer, at times, is suspect. He (me) shoots sporadically, not full-time. The problem has always followed the lens and that's partly why I had it serviced.

You seem to be inferring the lack of sharpness is associated with your lens. Perhaps disabling VR -- when it is not helpful -- is all that you need to change.

As a rule of thumb, when shooting from a tripod or when shutter speed is 1/500s or faster, VR -- at best -- provides no benefit and --at worst -- can degrade the image.

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Aloha and have a nice day!

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