Diffraction Effects (Example Photos)

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Re: What camera did you shoot these pictures with?

FTH wrote:

DvD5 wrote:

FTH wrote:

DvD5 wrote:

James Bligh wrote:

We are talking about diffraction here. What camera did you shoot these pictures with? I think you have forgotten to mention it.

D7000 (mostly trying to make a point out of the pixel density on the rumored D800)

did you use mirror lock-up ?

No--I used a tripod with a flash. This should be very effective at eliminating any motion blur.

could you please post your shutter speed at each F stop, thanks for posting this test. Another interesting test would be to compare each shot with direct facing lights (not too close though) and no lighting coming from behind.

All shots were at 1/250th sec. (flash sync). Flash output power was varied to obtain correct exposure.

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