Woodford to attend BOD meeting this week

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Re: They found Nakagawa in Hong Kong....

mcabato wrote:

MichaelKJ wrote:

I think this adds support to Woodford's contention that the authorities would have swept this under the rug if he hadn't gone to the media.

Has there any judge told the police to seek him?
Has he yet officially been accused to have broken the law?

Think, firstly they have to find facts, then a judge to seek him and then a judge to seek him internationally.

but, I am not a lawyer. and he is not in US.

BR gusti

FYI. The police in the US (most if not all jurisdictions) does not not need a judge to find you. Doesn't need a judge to bring you in for questioning. And doesn't need a judge to arrest you.

In my jurisdiction (Texas), a judge (or magistrate in some cases) might not even get involved till 48 hours after one's arrest.

What you're thinking about is probably a judge's involvement regarding warrants, but even then there are plenty of cases where a warrant's not needed.

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