7D with 17-40L.... any good?

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Re: 7D with 17-40L.... any good?

dheijl wrote:

lordbeau wrote:

Anyone think the 17-40L is a daft idea

I don't, I love the 17-40 on a 7D (contrast and colour).


x2 - When I purchased my 7D, I sold my 17-40 for the 15-85 and definitely loved it. After going through some older pictures with my 50D & 17-40, there was a definite difference in color tone and smoothness. I shot a lot of weddings with the 17-40 and was not too happy with the people pictures with the 15-85 (skin tones, contrast, smoothness).

In the end, I purchased another 17-40 and do have the smoothness and more natural colors that I saw before. Although I don't do weddings anymore, I do some events and the 17-40 is the lens of choice. (I think the new one is even sharper than my original, bonus!)

I'm keeping both, though the 17-40 is my primary lens again, I use the 15-85 for traveling and architecture. If I was forced to keep just one, it would be the 17-40.

So, no, not a daft idea at all.

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