For my daughter, what is a good into DSLR with a nice kit lens zoom?

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Re: Tom Re: For my daughter, what is a good into DSLR with a nice kit lens zoom?

Katsunami wrote:

Aren't you being just a bit ridiculous? Nobody would consider that huge camera with a battery pack and that lens as an all-day carry-around camera unless they had reason to, i.e. a professional shooting assignment - and that is nothing at all like what his daughter asked for. Why not have him install it inside an underwater housing while you're at it?

No, I'm not ridiculous. That is where she may just end up.

Much more likely, she gets the dslr and realizes after a while that she'd like a moderate zoom lens ($250) or a kit portrait lens (50mm f1.8 for $100) to help her get some shots that the basic 18-55 kit zoom isn't as good for. She might get one or even both lenses, and if she is more interested in photography than in gear she will just continue to take photos and enjoy the results, being quite content with that much. Other than a couple of aftermarket lenses I picked up used just because they were dirt cheap, I am in that situation I described.

  • Start with a a nice low-weight 1100D and a kit-lens.

  • A year later: "I want a better camera." -> Get a 5D Mark II.

  • "Hm. Image quality is not really better. Maybe I should get a better lens." -> Get a 24-70mm f/2.8.

  • "But now, the camera is top heavy!" -> Counter that with a battery grip.

And there you are. Granted, the 24-70 f/2.8 is lighter than the 70-200 f/2.8, but it's still a very big camera. A heavy one. I have seen it happen often, and after some time, the camera is just left at home except for "special photo trips".

Someone posted once some numbers that show how many (a large %) of dslr owners either stick entirely with the 'kit' lens, or else never spend money beyond the basic 'kit' lenses available. Anyone who followed that 'path' you describe has too much money and not enough common sense.

Really, almost nobody is going to get a dslr and put a large fast (or relatively fast) zoom on it and then use it for a walkaround camera. Again, this is not what Joel or his daughter asked about.

See my comment above. It is very likely that a small and light 1 kg DSLR+Kit lens grows into a 2kg monster over time.

Very likely?

Let her choose a camera based on what she wants to use it for first and foremost, not on whether one weighs 1/4 kg more than another.

Of course you are right in that. 250 grams is probably not a good reason to leave a camera out of the selection, but still the growing of the system is a risk: it "just happens" as you acquire better and better gear.

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