Considering Tokina 11-16mm but worried about soft copies

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Re: Considering Tokina 11-16mm but worried about soft copies

wildplaces wrote:

I'm quite sure there would be people who say there is a flare problem in the above picture. As for me, not a problem.

I did testing on a sample I bought a few days ago. I got a bit more flare in some shots into sun, but not bad, and the flare looks kind of nice.. None of the veiling type of flare that kills a shot.

I also did some shooting of a brick wall. As those are boring, I won't post them. I noticed that I need around f5.6 or f8 aperture to make 7D edges/corners look nice and sharp. They're not as sharp as center, but that's to be expected.

As to AF performance, 7D's contrast detect AF in live-view is really nice, really spot on... At least for brick walls. and a tripod One-shot seemed to require a micro-adjustment (+4), and still it isn't perfectly repeatable.

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