Opinions Needed: Olympus OM 24mm VS Canon FDn 24mm

Started Nov 26, 2011 | Discussions thread
RussellInCincinnati Veteran Member • Posts: 3,201
a tad confusing to refer to SA instead of curvature of field

UhOh07: The Olyumpus Pen F 25/2.8 above is just that--and yes, it is WAY smaller and lighter than ANY SLR lens. It is also sharper in the center than just about any 25, but has SA issues which preclude proper focus on the edges. How sharp?

By SA presume you mean lens spherical aberration, which further presume to imply curvature of field. For those of us who don't BYOD Bring Your Own Dictionary, probably best to spell out abbreviations at least the first time you use them.

The Pen 25/2.8 you showed us is indeed wonderfully sharp in the center. Did you mean to say that this lens is never sharp in the corner, because the "plane" of sharpest focus is actually "bent" away or towards the camera at the corners? Or do you only mean to say that it's hard to have sharp corners wider than some certain aperture (for example the unspecified aperture you showed us)?

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