Watch out for Epson rebate scams

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Re: Watch out for Epson rebate scams

ComputerDork wrote:

At the very least selling something as "new" with the UPC removed is an extremely shady practice, if not outright illegal. I have to wonder if Epson will even honor the warranty on a unit that was purchased without a UPC on the box.

Don't know about Epson corncerning such purchases and warranties, but I purchased a Canon Pro9000 MkII off Craigslist that had been bought with a Canon camera. The UPC had been removed by the buyer to get his rebate - it was so noted in the posting. Within the year warranty period from when he bought the printer I had a problem with the printhead. Called Canon, told them how I had obtained the printer and that I was having a printhead problem. They asked their normal questions about nozzle checks, cleanings, etc. In the end Canon sent me a new printhead - free. Didn't ask me to send in any proof of purchase or such. Just because the UPC code has been removed from the box doesn't mean the printer isn't "new".

Steve W.

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