How do I know if Im ready for FF?

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Re: How do I know if Im ready for FF?

At risk of sounding cheeky, this is generally true:

You are ready to upgrade when you can explain to a more knowledgeable photographer why you need to upgrade and have them agree with you, and also when you can afford it.

Pretty much all the "should I buy this" threads here can be summed up by saying you should buy it when you have self educated enough to decide for yourself.

So long as you can't decide for yourself consider saving money... That being said, rich people should just buy it all, because it stimulates the economy and because it is possible (assuming you apply yourself and have technical capacity) to learn more rapidly by exposing yourself to more things. The rich people who lack application and technical capacity will then sell the items at a decent discount to someone else who will use them more properly but can't afford new.


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