LX2 to LX5 – how many stops?

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Re: LX2 to LX5 – how many stops?

kernow wrote:

You have to be careful with this method. I wouldn't rely on it myself and here's why.

Have (myself) wanted such an approach to work. However, in the case of any hand-held shots (or even in the case of tripod-stabilized shots where there could be any movement whatsoever in any subject-matter within the image-frame), it is unreliable.

Further, it only would work in burst-modes where the focus, exposure, and WB is fixed to that of the first shot in the burst-sequence. While that is common for continuous-burst modes (if your Lumix camera these days even features that), it is common for (finite-numbered) burst-modes to fix focus, but do vary exposure and WB when recording each individual shot.

I fiind that there really is no substitute for actually comparing the individual images at 100% view ...

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