LX 5 vs X 10, anyone have both?

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Re: LX 5 vs X 10, anyone have both?

Hi there,

Same question for me, it´ll be either the LX5 or the X10. I own a GF1 with the 14-45mm, and I like it a lot.

BUT it is just to big for me to carry around on holidays or for every day.
That´s why I am thinking of something smaller.

The LX5 still isn´t very small, sure. But it might fit in some bigger pocket on my coat.
The X10 is larger. Especially deeper (cause of the lens).

This is what I would always take also into consideration. One step better is nice, but worth nothing if I don´t take the camera with you.

I had the X10 in my hands, and the ergonomics are great, especially manual zooming. But I think I will go for the LX5, just because it is also a great camera (maybe not as good as the X10) and smaller, that counts a lot for me.

What annoyes me is that the LX5 is still so expensive ;).

Best, Peter

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