Samsung NX lenses are weird .. (reviews coming)

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Re: Samsung NX lenses are weird .. (reviews coming)

ET2 wrote:

Look at some of the 12 MP cameras

4000 x 3000 (S100)
4032 x 3024 (EPL1)
4288 x 2848 (X100)
4,288 x 2,848 (D90)
4256 x 2832 (D700)

Notice something weird? It's not just 12 MP, but the pixels on X100 and D90 are identical to 1000 of decimal point. So here we have two independently developed sensors with exactly the same number of pixels in both horizontal and vertical direction. What is probability of that?
Why not something like 4276 x 2856 on X100?

Yes, obviously D90 and X100 both have the same Sony's CMOS sensor.

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