X10: Slowest shutter speed is 1/4 seconds?

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Re: X10: Slowest shutter speed is 1/4 seconds?

I'll be interested in the answer to this one...

That's weird - I don't have the X10, but all the other Fuji cameras I've had with M mode let me dial past the 1/4 second mark easily. I just looked up that page in the online X10 user's manual. Earlier today, I had read the X-S1 manual and found myself wondering just what the statement "The shutter speed is restricted depending on the ISO setting" meant. Now I see in the X10 manual the same comment. Hmmm. My S100FS manual doesn't say that at all. I was very recently out with it taking some full-moon outdoor long-exposure shots, playing with a balance of higher ISO and shorter exposure and vice versa, as well as changing the DR settings. Never did it not let me run it all the way up to 30 seconds if I wanted to. If this and the S-X1 are going to somehow deny this freedom, I probably would not buy either camera.

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