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Spiridakis Michael
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Thanx too all for your comments.

Well better late than ever to add some more comments from me.... firstly I will start from the windows 7 that are really good and working just fine, I have work almost in every windows version this is the best by far...

I was afraid to stop my XP based pentium from what I had seen in customers with the wintows VISTA, but the 7 are so good.

Secondly my previous experience from laptops for everyday usage have really changed too, I had again in the past years 2000-2004 a COMPAQ AMD based presario laptop and I had swear that I will never do it again.... but the things have change my mind..... the machine is working so fine, it is so quiet, and never have any sign of overheat or anything else... but I consider a laptop base and an external keyboard absolutely necessary for everyday use... or else you will see the keys of the keyboard flying around after some time of everyday strong use...

So all in all one can do his job with a laptop based setup unless he is a serious gamer... maybe in the future I will add a second laptop in the family... I am thinking something like this...

Now I have a question if someone has a previous experience or knowledge on this... So I own this FANTASTIC external PLEXTOR premium U CD from 2003 that is still perfectly working - I am just thinking if I can keep the external case and change the drive unit inside with a DVD - CD multi writer.

Thanks in advance

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