DXO special offer: $99 for DXO Optics Pro

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Re: DXO special offer: $99 for DXO Optics Pro

I saw an announcement just a few days ago that version 7 will be released in a few days, on November 30. Anyone who has purchased the current version (6.6) within the last two months will be allowed a free upgrade to version 7. I'm certainly glad of that since I bought a copy just a week ago. If not for the free upgrade, those of us who took advantage of the discounted price would be mighty unhappy about the timing of this new release.

I came to same conclusion as you that the lease is a perpetual one. One reason I asked about this is because I had read a small item in the Wall Street Journal that Adobe was planning to switch its user licenses on its product line to an annually renewable one. The details were not entirely clear about which products would be affected. I don't think Adobe's change in pricing policy has gotten much play in the photography world, at least I haven't seen any mention of it on the web sites I visit regularly. I suppose this will be welcome news to people who can't afford to fork over Adobe's steep asking price for some of its software, like Photoshop, but I am wary of annual leases. I don't want to be at the mercy of any manufacturer to be able to continue using a piece of software that is very important to me. If Adobe makes this switch successfully, I fear other imaging software companies might choose to follow its lead. In the long run, that could be bad news for a lot of us. I've already had one bad experience with that kind of lease arrangement, but in that instance the company was not upfront about the nature of its lease terms and I was able to get my credit card company to void the sale. These days, I ask before I buy.

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