Opinions Needed: Olympus OM 24mm VS Canon FDn 24mm

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Re: Opinions Needed: Olympus OM 24mm VS Canon FDn 24mm

KM Legacy wrote:

Bushing issues are no more likely than any number of high performance lens issues seen with floating elements etc.

What is the story with these bushings? Are they plastic, so they wear a lot?

It is my understanding that only certain FDn lenses have little rubber bushings on a cam like pin that slides in a track to initiate focusing. These rubber bushings simply deteriorate over time and so there is no way to avoid the resulting 1mm of focus play unless you change out the bushings. This focus play is annoying but does not effect optical performance whatsoever. The metal pin still works without the bushing--but you can feel the play from the gap produced by the worn bushing.

It is my experience that ONLY the following FDn lenses suffer from the bushing defect/problem: FDn 24/2, FDn 28/2, FDn 35/2, FDn 24/2.8.

All my other FDn lenses do not have this issue. Obviously Canon used these rubber bushings only in certain lenses.

Ive own or have owed all the lenses above and they all had bad bushings. Some are/were in mint practically unused condition.

As a side note watch out for Zeiss ZM too--they are known to develop focus play from sloppy tolerances. My ZM 35/2 had some focus play.

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