Opinions Needed: Olympus OM 24mm VS Canon FDn 24mm

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Re: Opinions Needed: Olympus OM 24mm VS Canon FDn 24mm

KM Legacy wrote:

That Minolta commands a high price in the used market (higher than equivalent Canon FD), so it presumably is good.

Could have been just helical issues with your MD. Prices FD vs MD vs Nikon have nothing to do with lens performance. The nFDs beat them all at 20 and 24 simply because they were very "late" designs with incredible coatings.

The 20 is sharp accross the frame at all apertures, if I'm not mistaken.

The Olyumpus Pen F 25/2.8 above is just that--and yes, it is WAY smaller and lighter than ANY SLR lens. It is also sharper in the center than just about any 25, but has SA issues which preclude proper focus on the edges.

How sharp?


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