MLU and Exposure Delay w/VRI 70-200 on D2X Question

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Re: Misalignment

Aloha Philip:

I will do as you say as soon as I can find something with bricks, etc. I'm on Maui and don't have any cobblestones or such here, but will look for a brick building and try your suggestion.

I hope it isn't the lens, and it is me. I can fix me I think

Many thanks for the help and suggestion. How, by the way, do I get the alignment issue straightened out? I have 6 mos of warranty for the work they recently did on the lens, so I will nag them to fix!

Best, John

Flashlight wrote:

It seems to me your lens or camera has a serious alignment problem. If I look at the left and right side of the crop there's an enormous difference in sharpness, while based on distance and aperture all should be equally sharp. Even the trees on both sides of the electricity pole(?) are not equally sharp. This is the typical kind of thing a Nikon service center will not notice and if they do will have a very hard time correcting.

To test, shoot some pavement tiles with f/2.8 under a 45 degree angle from a high point like a window, where the tiles are laying in straight rows perpendicular to the camera. Then look whether the line of highest sharpness is straight from left to right. I suspect the line will run from bottom left to top right.

If true, the cause can be misaligned lens elements or a twisted camera mount or both. So check with other lenses/cameras to find the bad boy.

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Aloha and have a nice day!

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