Help - which Epson 13" printer? What are the ink differences?

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Help - which Epson 13" printer? What are the ink differences?

Argh! I looked at printers yesterday at Fry's Electronics thinking to replace my R1800 which seems to have a terminal case of clogging. I've not printed for months because I could never get a clean test print. About a year ago I went through lots of different steps trying to unclog it, including a complete set of ink carts. At one point I had it working, and I made a bunch of 8x10's until one ink ran out. Upon replacing a cartridge, the clogs came back, never to go away again.

The R1800 did well for a few years, and it seemed far better than my 1270 was at clog resistance.

As you might guess, clog resistance is a high priority for me. (And I'll try to make more regular prints to keep them at bay with a new printer.)

I was surprised to see how many choices there were at 13". And with different ink sets as well. Can you point me to a good thread comparing these, or summarize the differences and advantages for these models?

1. R1400
2. R2000
3. R2880
4. R3000
And a workforce 1100.

There was also a 3880 in there, but while I'd love to have a 17" printer, I just can't justify one that big. I think I'd be better off sending the occasional image to Costco.

I never did understand the difference in ink sets between the R1800 and the R2880 back when I bought my printer, so I ended up with the cheaper printer.

The print quality of the R1800 has been just fine for me. I don't print on exotic papers (though I'm not averse to trying them), I don't print high volumes, and I don't print black and white. I tend to print on pearl, Epson or Red River, and I have a lot of paper stock built up from 4x6 to 13x19. A lot of my shots are of nature or travel.

I live in a dry climate (Arizona), if that means anything.

I see Ultrachrome K3, Ultrachrome High-gloss H2, 9 channel heads, and printers with or without gloss optimizer.

I see some of the models have ethernet ports (I'd really like that) and wifi (I'd disable that - too slow).

I actually do print a fair amount of CD/DVD's, but I could live without that.

I'd pay more for better print speeds, all else being equal.

I'm of two minds on bigger ink carts - that's great when I'm printing, but I also don't want to waste them if I don't print enough in 6 months to use up the carts, if they don't age well. Not to mention the expense of buying them and stocking spares.

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