i have D200, buy a D700 or wait for D800

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Re: i have D200, buy a D700 or wait for D800

rzakyn wrote:

Dave Courtenay wrote:

rzakyn wrote:

i will only get fullframe. so D7000 is not in my sight. because i dont want to invest on dx lenses. i have 18-135 dx, 80-200 f2.8 , Voigtlander 58mm 1.4.

You can use FF lenses on the D7000 so you do not need to invest in DX lenses but as you work for Nikon you would know this right? You say that Nikon said the D800 will be 12mpx3 so is that 36mp or like the Sigma senor which has

3 layers of 12mp???

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i know about sensor, but i cant say it.

There are currently only two well known layered systems: Foveon, which may have some problems with overlapping responses to RGB light. and Quantum film that can be applied to existing CMOS technology, and promises 2-4 times better light gathering ability, and solves the problems associated with CMOS rolling gate issues, but this technology is very new. If Nikon has taken this new technology, perhaps in conjunction with Sony, then we could be in for a big jump in DSLR performance. both in terms of colour accuracy, IQ, and high ISO performance.

It could also enable literally thousands of images to be taken per second and composited.


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