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Re: A low cost alternative

amalric wrote:

Mike Fewster wrote:

So what are we really arguing here - just for the sake of arguing? Fanboys would do well to post in their relevant brand forum, if they want to sing praises of other brands regardless.

You just don't get it do you. Read my original post. I acknowledged the issues that this lens had and also suggested that Sony's original microlenses were inadequate. Fanboy? I suggest that the issues repeatedly referred to here with the 16mm lens are put into perspective by the reports on the 12mm and the discussion on the difficulties of making wa lenses like this with short flange cameras. Further, that Sony has in fact moved quite someway to remedy this lens. The proof is in actually looking at samples of the current lens and cameras. But you refuse to do this and like a man grabbing at a straw wont let go of yesterday. I'd have thought refusing to look at evidence was a classic fanboy symptom.

My take is that only people affected by lack of sanity and good manners, jump ship all the time, and claim to do so in the wrong forum.

I am pretty well satisfied with the Oly lenses I own and if I don't like one I don't buy one.

However I don't need to let everybody know, as well as I don't go to other forums to vex them by telling them that my lenses are better or equal to theirs. Why should I?

I never said that, I just pointed out that some of the oft repeated statements here about the Sonmy 16mm should be re-examined. (if you also checked my previous thread on this topic here, you would find that I really would like that Oly 45mm)

This is the distinction between fanboyism and informed debate and the subsequent gaininig of knowledge. I had/have no intention whatsoever of badmouthing mft, but I don't think either Sony or any other company has a mortgage on all things wonderful in photography. You may well be satisfied with what yoiu have (and I really like Oly and some of my all time best cameras have been Oly) but if you never raise your head out of your own sandpit it does limit your perspective on things. I don't attack all things mft and I don't defend all things Sony. As I have said many times, I find the development of mirrorless cameras to be very exciting and the cutting edge of current photography, no matter what the brand. Hence I read across several forums. I take exception to some of the comments regularly made by Sony faithful regarding mft (especially concerning claimed superiority of the Sony sensor due to larger size) and I find some of the regularly repeated comments here regarding some (only some) aspects of the Nex to be equally misleading. These are the kind of comments I am likely to have questioned, never the mft format as a whole as I am rather an admirer of what Pan/Oly have done with it

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