Camera stores in Singapore & Hong Kong

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Re: Camera stores in Singapore & Hong Kong

yes maybe you can negotiate price in small shops...anyway starting price is so high that were higher then italy (if you consider in HK no vat and in italy 20%.....)and less tax in HK
they asked me 90-100 euro for a battery for GH2....just for say one...

there are some chain stores like Fortress where price are not so bad...anyay higher then crazy price that some HK online shop has, there you cant negotiate of course

Ariston wrote:

ZZ9 wrote:

hong kong retail shop are not cheap....much more costly then internet prices you can see on ebay from HK sellers..

anyway in Mong Kok there are some shops who have almost every camera and not so so costly

I remembered a friend of mine who lived in Hongkong told me on how sellers balloon up their prices. he told me the trick there is to negotiate really really cheap. he said that it can be a real painstaking process but in the end, it is the seller would budge. I'm not sure if this was true but with regards to the pricing that you are saying, there might be some truth to it?

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