Confirmed Nikon SB-28 Flash works on my G3

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Guy Parsons
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Re: Needs a single flash pop to work.

fastprime wrote:

Guy the Wein unit BH have requires the slave flash to have integrated IR slave function, which, the SB16doesn't have. Is the Wein unit you are using available at BH or elsewhere? Can you provide more definitive product description or link to it on a retailer site?

Hmmmm, I bought mine a few years ago in Australia but now I notice that Wein do not list that item any more on their web site. and B&H no longer lists it.

It has a hot-shoe socket and a tripod screw hole so a slave flash can sit in it and is a battery-less trigger that always fired off the second flash pop as long as the flash pops were no closer than about 50 milliseconds apart. The Panasonics put out two pops about 150 to 200 ms apart, the Olympus Pens put out three flashes but the first two are so close together that the Wein counts that as one and triggers safely on the final flash.

So, sorry, I've no suggestions as to an alternative digital trigger device. Maybe best to use a foreign flash in the hot-shoe to get one pop and use the flashes in auto mode, it's as good as TTL once set up. Or buy a Pen and make flash work properly!

Regards.......... Guy

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