Opinions Needed: Olympus OM 24mm VS Canon FDn 24mm

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Re: Opinions Needed: Olympus OM 24mm VS Canon FDn 24mm

Alupang wrote:

Has anyone here done real tests with these lenses? I'm thinking to fill my 24mm gap and narrowed the field to one of the following lenses. I cannot decide which so perhaps someone here can help me make a decision.

I have both FD and OM adapters so that doesn't figure in the equation here.

Here we go---the lens list and brief thoughts bouncing around in my brain:

1) OM 24/2.8. About $200. Small and light but about twice the cost of the FDn. I like the size and OM style but wonder if it is as good optically as FDn.

2) Canon FDn 24/2.8. About $100-130. Yawn. I worry about low contrast--I read someone complaining about that with this lens.

3) Olympus 24/2. $500+. I wonder if it's really better than the FDn f2. Hmmm.

4) FDn 24/2. $380-400. I know this lens is great but I also know it will develop 1mm focus play over time (if it doesn't already have) due to the rubber bushing design defect. I can live with a little focus play so throw that out of the equation.

The nFD or Fd 24/2.8 is perfectly fine as is the nikkor 24/2.8 (but not the 24/2)

The nFD 24/2 is likely the best MF SLR 24 ever made

The nFD 20/2.8 is every bit as good and much cheaper: far underrated.

The OMs will be good too, but not better than the canons--I don't think. Certainly not better than the 24/2

Bushing issues are no more likely than any number of high performance lens issues seen with floating elements etc. The lens in fact is pretty tough, by many accounts.

You might consider also:

which is about the same price as the 24/2, and has incredibly sharp centers, but will not do as well on the edges becasue of some SA.

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